Another step in the right direction!

Today, I have felt, has been another progressive day! I slept through the whole night last night, which makes you feel so much better. It’s amazing how sleep helps with the recovery process. My diet is pretty much back to normal, along with bowel movements – the pain has nearly gone! Having a wee still feels strange, but I’m sure that will ease too over time. I’m feeling much more myself, I’ve got back into my daily routine, which I think has helped. I even put some earings in today and a touch of lip gloss. Only problem is, because I’m feeling better I feel I want to do more. This is fine but I need to make sure I don’t over do it and that I listen to my body. I did put a few bits in the washer this morning and then on the airer to dry, but I sat on the floor when doing this (it was only pants and socks!). They probably could’ve waited til the weekend, but it gave me something to do!

If the weather was better I would be going out for more little walks, unfortunately I can’t as it’s totally throwing down! I got on the scales this morning and I’m now 9st. I can only presume that it’s muscle loss 😦 . Perhaps as I’m eating slightly smaller portions it may have an effect but I doubt it, I’m definitely not going hungry!  Will keep an eye on my weight though, as much as I don’t want to put on weight, I don’t want to lose too much either.



Straight talking

After having a quick look back over my posts, especially post op, I know there’s a lot of talk about bowel issues. I understand how this isn’t a particularly nice topic to talk about but because I want to highlight everything I go through with this operation, this has been a huge part of my recovery, so far. No one that I spoke to previously mentioned about bowel issues, yeah they said it tingles when you wee, but that was all. I’ve read up on line and on different forums about the bowel side of things and it IS a huge part of recovery. I’m not sure what I could have done differently if I’d have been aware of this but I do think I would have been more prepared for it. Most women say sluggish bowels, constipation and pain passing a stool lasts for up to 4 weeks post op (some even say longer), so that’s what time frame I’m going for. Oh and when I say pain, I mean like birth contractions – yeah THAT pain!!!

I didn’t sleep well again last night. I decided to have another Movicol (low dose laxative) make sure things keep moving, but (and I’d noticed this before), after about an hour of taking it I get really bad heart palpitations/racing heart. It seemed extremely bad last night. I did Google it (as you do at 2.12 am) and apparently it is a side effect that can happen! Great, so that’ll be the last time I use that! I will see how I get on, any issues and I’ll call my GP.

So I’ve been taking my Estrogen only HRT (Premarin) for just over a week, can’t say I’ve noticed any difference, although I’ve not had any flushes or night sweats so that’s a bonus!! Mind you, I’m not sure what kind of difference I should be looking for. I did get on the bathroom scales yesterday, just to see how much I weighed with my big bloated tummy, it was a surprise to see 9st 2lb looking back at me. I haven’t once considered my weight, especially when it’s come to eating, yes I’ve made sure I eat as healthily as possible, but that’s to aid my body, not for weight loss! But I have noticed that because my tummy is so swollen I am unable to eat huge amounts of food, it’s definitely the case of little and often.

I guess, as this is my 2 week ‘hyster-versary’, I would say that in myself I am feeling much better, sleeping is a slight issue, bowels are literally a pain in the butt but all in all I guess I’m doing ok. Little steps 🙂



Ok, today is Sunday. Last night I couldn’t get comfy in bed so decided the best option for everyone was for me to sleep on the sofa as it’s where I feel best positioned. Got comfy straight away and within minutes had drifted off ( not difficult as im shattered).

Suddenly, without any warning I awoke to the feeling of being winded, no air in my lungs at all. I gasped for air and could feel my heart racing in my chest. It felt like I had a lump in my throat too. Had I slept in such a strange position that it’d stopped my breathing? Slowly I calmed myself, sat quietly for a while, my eyes kept closing but every  time I went to nod off I would jump and my eyes would open wide (you know when you get that feeling of falling and you wake up when you’ve not long gone to bed? Well bit like that!). When you’re so tired things always get magnified, which does NOT help when it comes to anxiety!

So I sat, from 2.03am til 3.08am and I sobbed and sobbed until I didn’t have the energy or tears. I wasn’t crying in pain or finally feeling any ‘loss’, I just needed to let it out. I sat and read up on anxiety after hysterectomy and it’s apparently, very common. Many women had put on forums about what I was feeling. Suddenly, I realised this was ok, it was almost normal. I started doing some breathing techniques I knew, my cat came and lay by my side and I concentrated on stroking her. Slowly I drifted back off!

5 hours later I woke up to a cuddle from my son. I’d done it, I had slept through and I feel much better for it. I only wish I’d have known all these little things before, but you tend to just look at the physical side of recovery. The other thing I came across is that I should be doing breathing techniques to expand my lungs and get rid of any secretions that have built up due to anesthetic – when I stand I get a tickle in my lungs and need to cough, again this is normal, but no-one mentioned this. I do feel let down post operatively, by the hospital as they have given me no paperwork at all about post hysterectomy/operation care! In hindsight, this is something I wish I’d have researched more on and been more adequately prepared.

Keep smiling

So today is Saturday, I feel ok, still look as white as a ghost, weak and tired but happy, so happy to be home. We’ve had so many messages of support from friends near and far and they have meant such a lot to us all. I’m a long way from being better but it’s the start of my recovery now and I know, slowly but surely I’ll get there. It’s been a rollercoaster so far, but bring it on. It’s been much harder than I ever imagined, but funnily I still have no actual pain from my hysterectomy, I hope this continues.