40 days and 40 nights!

Ok so just under the 6 week mark. I’m feeling so much better and stronger. My tummy is still deflating  but I’ve noticed that I’m having to watch what I eat as it appears my IBS kicks in! But that’s fine, I was used to it before and enjoyed my diet. I’ve done a few little arm exercises this morning and some step ups on the first stair. Nothing too strenuous but good for a start. It’s hard when from my hips up I feel great, but from the hips down its still recovering! 

I’m still keeping a slight routine at home. Getting up early (9am) so I’m able to sleep well at night. I can now, with the use of many pillows, turn onto my side to sleep – which feels amazing!

Generally I’ve nothing bad to say now, it’s just giving my body time to heal and reminding myself of this. It’s no good to jump ahead of myself and put myself back a few weeks!

I had another hemoglobin count and they’ve gone up! I’m bordering on anemia now, which is great. I’m taking an iron vitamin every morning which seems to be doing the trick. The breathlessness and erratic heart best have gone but still get a little light headed at times.

All in all, am going the right way!!!


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