Slow puncture!

Looking down at my tummy, it has actually gone down a little! As the title says, it’s like a slow puncture. In fact, I would probably describe the whole recovery​ period as a slow puncture. This I’m finding very hard, once you start feeling like you’re getting back to your old self you either sneeze and realise “oh yeah, tummy muscles…ouch!” Or have to make a conscious effort to NOT over do it, the latter being the hardest. However, your body will certainly let you know if you’ve pushed a bit too hard. Extra swollen belly, like going from a killer whale to a blue whale! And you will ache and be tired. In your head you’re thinking “I’ve hardly done a thing”.

Walking has been a wonderful relief. I can now manage a whole 25 minutes non stop! And yes, you will feel so tired after, although I am still suffering the effects of anemia, so this may be why I feel so tired. But it’s such a great feeling to go for a little walk in the fresh air. I’ve made sure I get out at least once a day, it helps to break the day up and gives you something to look forward to. I have found that planning my days has helped with boredom and emotions. If you feel like you have things to do you don’t sit around feeling sorry for yourself – when it’s bad weather, this can be a bit tricky.

I finally went out this weekend, not far, but with other humans! Ha ha.  I would recommend that you try and get out and about around now (wk 4/5) as I won’t deny that anxiety did rear its ugly head, but mind over matter, I kept my cool and just took things slowly. You’ll find that you get slightly panicky, thoughts of people bumping into you, you’re too tired, what if you trip, pass out/faint. It’s all natural when you’ve been stuck inside after major surgery. First thing I noticed, I was walking, holding my tummy! I think Im a bit over conscious with the anemia too, I know that I get very light-headed and dizzy, so I did also hold onto my husband for dear life. Even when I go for my little walks I get this panic/anxiety hit me, especially when I go alone, but I tend to reassure myself – I have my phone with me, I spot which houses have cars on their drives/people about. But really, I’m ok and so far never had to stop or call upon anyone, I’ve been fine.

Just got to keep going, getting stronger every day. 🙂


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