4 weeks post op!!

Wow, 28 days sounds ages since my op! I’m still really bloated but am feeling stronger every day. I’ve been managing to walk about 20-25 mins without stopping but my goodness it makes me feel like I’ve done a marathon! I’m shattered after. It’s helped having good weather as I’ve been able to get myself outside, sitting in can make you feel quite low, although I’ve tried lots of different things to keep me occupied. I’ve painted my nails, tried calligraphy, wrote poems, read, completed on-line courses, anything to keep boredom at bay. I’ve still been teary, but if I’m honest, I sit and have a cry, get it out and them I’m fine to carry on!! My wound is healing nicely and all toilet habits are back to normal. It’s still a long process and recovery, I still have to make sure that although I’m feeling stronger, I mustn’t over do it and put my recovery back!! 

I would say I’ve noticed a change this week, definitely week 4 has been the easiest week so far with things settling down, wish my tummy would go down though, it can feel really uncomfortable!

Little steps still 🙂


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