And on the 18th day…

Finally, I slept through the night! And my pillows were much lower, not quite so ‘upright’ which felt amazing.

So, I’m feeling stronger and better each day now. The bruising is still coming out a treat, all along my pelvic and hip bone area. It’s still rather painful too. If I try to lie on my side (especially left side) I get the feeling of dragging inside on my right ovary area. As my consultant said my ovary was messed up with endometriosis, I’m guessing I’ve got a lot of scar tissue there. I think this is all pretty normal though. My consultant also said that around the 2-3 week mark you can get some oozing/vaginal bleeding, as yet I’ve not experienced this but it is something to be aware of.

I’m taking Premarin estrogen HRT (0.625) and have had two weeks worth. I’m not getting any hot flushes or night sweats, which is great. I have noticed that my skin seems more oily, I’ve had a couple of little spots pop up too. However, as I’m stuck in everyday, I’m not sure if it’s that – no fresh air or the HRT. I’ve read many forums on this HRT and as ever you get a mixed reaction, from one extreme to the other. I know many women have to trial and test HRT before finding ‘the one’, so I’ve said to myself I’ll do a full month, if my skin gets worse in that time I’ll look at changing, but I have no other issues with this HRT – I’ll keep that in mind. 

My letter has come through for my post op consultation on June 21st, 7 weeks after my operation. I shall be interested to see what was found/seen with my womb, cervix and ovary. I know my consultant had mentioned that endometriosis was present and my cervix was inflamed but I don’t know why or to what degree. It’ll be good to get the answers. Apparently they also test these organs for possible pre-cancerous cells too. I guess on the positive side, I don’t need to worry about bad smears, womb, cervical or ovarian cancer now!


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