Last night I finally slept in my own bed. Up until now I’ve been sleeping on the sofa. The main reason is the sofa arms are perfect to keep me slightly upright and they’re hard, so unlike pillows that slowly squash to nothing, I would stay in place for most the night. The other reason for sleeping downstairs was so my husband, who’s been been running round constantly doing things, could get some decent kip. I’m up a fair bit throughout the night, what with toilet breaks (I’m drinking loads of water), I seem to get indigestion around 2am so I found a small bowl of cereal helps, constant tossing and turning! My poor husband needs all the rest he can get at the moment and me getting up and down would no doubt be highly annoying (even though he tells me he doesn’t care!). But last night I took the plunge, I went for it. Sorted my pillows out, got comfy and slept til midnight without a worry, then my first wee break, which I managed to go to without having to turn all the lights on. After this I slept til 2.23am, when the dreaded indigestion reared its ugly head. So I quietly slipped downstairs and got a small bowl of cornflakes and sat on the stairs to eat them. I got into bed just before 3am and slept til 8.30ish. I stayed in bed whilst my husband went for a run and woke again at 10am! I felt amazing. 

I managed to go for a longer walk than yesterday, although I can soon feel on my right side, a bit of soreness, if I go too far. And I dusted in the lounge. But I felt so good and I put it down to good sleep. I hope I get another good night tonight.

Nothing else at the moment is bothering​ me. I’m less emotional than I have been and my scar looks to be healing nicely. My diet/eating is back on track and do all is going well. I hope it continues.


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