Finally turned a corner!

Today I have showered myself, got a bra on, put proper clothes on and been out for a mini walk! It feels AMAZING! I have no doubt there will be a down side to this super feeling, but for now I am loving it. It has been the first day that I’ve had the strength to get myself up and independently showered and dressed and it felt like such a massive achievement to do this. I’ve noticed my bowels are getting better too (which also has a big impact on how you feel!). People are asking if they can come and see me, which is great and I really look forward to having a good catch up. I can’t help but feel a little anxious too. Stupid really, but with my emotions how they are I’ve already pre warned one friend that I may burst into tears as soon as I see them. I think when you’re in a little bubble of home and close family, anything out of that feels very strange. But I am still excited to start seeing people!

Turning a corner, that’s how I would describe today. I changed the title of this post to reflect that. I am under no illusion that I still have a mountain to climb, but days like this really do fill you with much confidence and strength needed for the next stage of this journey. Sometimes I don’t think I realise just how much stress my body has been under, until an anxiety attack hits and my husband reassures me that it’s normal for what I’ve ‘been through’. This was major surgery – not Inc the added extras. I must also remember, I am still anaemic and it will take time for my body to build up the red blood cells.

But I am happy, and I will make sure I take ALL the positives from today!

Day 15 post op!


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