Today is a good day!

Sun is shinning, birds are singing, and I feel rather good! It is another positive day on my post op journey. I didn’t sleep great, think it’s because I slept a lot yesterday, so will try and keep more awake today as I’d like to get back into a night time routine. But apart from that, I don’t have any pain, my BM have been good (although that still hurts, but I’ve noticed it’s a little less!) and my diet is getting back to normal! Not that I was eating rubbish, I wasnt eating that much and didn’t fancy my usual foods. This morning though I’ve had a pink grapefruit (good for my iron tablet – Vit C helps the body take in Iron), then an activia yoghurt (all that good gut bacteria) with chia seeds (fibre) and gala melon cubes!! Just eating like this makes me feel good though. I’ve finished my antibiotics course and the blood thinning injections, infact I now only take Iron tablets and my estrogen tablet. My wound looks to be healing nicely, which is good and my mood is very positive. At the start of the week I found myself wanting to burst into tears every moment I got, that’s definitely passed now. It’ll be 2 weeks tomorrow that I had my operation, I’m not sure if it’s gone quick or not but I’m glad to be this side and starting to feel better.

Today however is my wonderful husbands birthday. I managed to get a couple of things before my op, for him. But after what he’s been through and done for me, nothing seems anywhere near good enough. I also feel guilty as we can’t go out for a meal. I can’t even cook for him, he’s going to have to cook his own birthday dinner 😦 Don’t get me wrong, hes not big on birthdays anyway but I feel he deserves being spoilt and looked after, especially today, but i just cannot do it. I will make sure though that I will treat him once I’m stronger and all his birthdays from now on will be celebrated. 

So, day 13 post op and I can see a light at the end of a very long tunnel!!

Ou, one last thing, I’ve come to realise that WATER is the golden juice, drink as much as you possibly can. Not only does it help with bowel movements, it also flushes out the bladder (less chance of infection) and keeps you well hydrated. I soon notice if I’ve not drunk enough! It makes such a big difference. 


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