Give me a break!

01:13 – this is the time, I’ve not been to sleep yet as my tummy has once again distended with lots of gas/air that will not shift. I did take a Nytol style tablet, which would have seen me into a beautiful slumber, but with this going on, there’s no chance. Have once again resorted to a night down on the sofa, mainly so my husband can sleep. I decided to try food to push the gas out so had cornflakes &soy milk and 6 x prunes!! I think it’s helping, but I really wanted to sleep in my own bed. Fingers crossed for tomorrow!

Ok, so still no BM but my goodness have I slept! I would definitely recommend some sleep aid tablets if you’re struggling, they really have helped. I think I’ve had about 10 hours sleep in total, which will really aid my recovery. I decided to have a Movicol sachet last night which is a laxative medicine, but one that’s very soft on the bowels – it can take up to 2 days to work as it goes with the natural rhythm of your bowel. Problem is, I think you get into a catch 22, on one hand you’re not feeling great so don’t eat that much. On the other hand, you need to eat enough to actually have food in you to pass! Ahhhhhh

Well I’m going to have lunch, shower and have a few steps outside. This is my goal for today. I’m hoping, once my sleeping is sorted and bowels relax a bit more, that I can start on my Open Uni stuff!

Trying to be really positive

X x x 


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