From bad to worse

Tuesday started off ok, I chilled in bed, catching up on sleep, did crosswords. I managed to have a toasted ham sarnie…Yum!

5.30pm, I decided if I wanted to sleep I needed to shift my butt downstairs for a bit. Once down there, I was moving round and my tummy was just expanding. My husband had made a simple chicken dinner which i sat down to, with all good intentions of eating. I couldn’t do it. I felt so short of breath, uncomfortable with my tummy, it just wasn’t right. I asked my husband to call NHS111, I wanted some guidance/reassurance on what I was feeling.

30 minutes later I was being taken back to hospital in an ambulance. I had a temperature, pains in my chest, light headed and nauseous. I was 6 hours in A&E, 2 of which I spent on a bed in the corridor! Once again bloods were taken – even though my veins were playing hide and seek! It came back that my hemoglobin levels had dropped again, this time to 68 (normal is 120 and transfusion cut off is 70!). A doctor came in to tell me that it could be a couple of things happening to me, the worst is that I’m bleeding internally and they’d need to stop it or there was blood around the wound -clotted and there’s an infection! Great I thought, could this get any worse? So a transfusion was discussed and blood was taken for cross matching. Next thing the doctor returned and said my hemoglobin count has risen slightly, they were holding off on the transfusion but I was going back to the ward I’d not long left.

Once up there I was started on antibiotics and felt happier that i was in the best place, but god, I was so tired! Next morning my consultant came in to see me, he took one look at me and said there was blood in my diaphragm.I must have had a slight bleed inside and iit’s swishing around. Good news, my body would re-absorb the blood and he didn’t want me to go back to theatre, but yes there was a ‘collection’ of blood round my wound where an infection may start, so antibiotics required and I’m now very anemic which makes you breathless and weak.

Fabulous, finally I felt in good hands, medical staff had an idea of what was going on, antibiotics on IV…Phew!

Thursday rolled around and I didn’t feel well in the morning, I pottered around my room totally zapped of energy. 3.50 and I called the nurse, I looked like death. I couldn’t move, no energy, my eyes were closing, I couldn’t even speak. My husband walked through the door and was shocked with what he saw, I looked horrific! I burst into tears, I was so scared. They’d got a doctor to come but I can’t remember anything much about the next half hour. As it turns out, the infection I was fighting thought it’d try and take over! Wrong person to mess with! With more IV antibiotics I started to fight back, I started coming round and slowly started to feel human. I had another dip that night but managed to sleep it off and fight it. 

Friday, 1 week after my op, I actually felt a bit better, still breathless, still pale as anything, weak but better. My consultant came in and told me that he thinks I am well enough to go home! I was so happy, I couldn’t wait to just be back home with my  little family. It’d been so difficult for my husband and son, emotionally‚Äč and physically. 


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