Guest blog by the (in)famous husband


So I’ve been handed the reigns….rather foolishly by my wife. But I won’t abuse the power I now have by posting amusing anecdotes or hilarious cat videos…..

The reason I am blogging is simply because Fiona is lying in a hospital bed having undergone a big operation-I’m guessing you know all of the details if you’ve read previous posts.

Leaving my wife at the hospital was never going to be an easy thing to do. I was conscious of her anxiety at-what was to be-the biggest operation of her life. What wasn’t conveyed in her conversation was decipherable from her body language. I felt that I needed to be both there FOR her, and there WITH her. And yet, when the nurse advised us to go home, rather than mull around the hospital, I felt confident that she was in the best of care. Our 10 year old son was also present, and his typically youthful care free attitude soon turned to worry on the way home-“so what’s mommy having done?” “Is it a big operation?” “I’m going to miss her…”. We had the obligatory tears, hugs and worried looks but that all changed about two hours after the operation time with the sound of a text message……

How on earth was she texting me at this time? Everything’s fine, I’m on ward 30, just had a drink……Blah blah blah. The chance of a quick phone call and some reassuring words put both myself and our son at ease. Yes she was groggy, yes she sounded tired and was in some discomfort, but most importantly she had made it. It is easy to think the worst will happen when you send a loved one to hospital. The”unthinkable” becomes an omnipresent thought despite trying to clear your head of such notions. So when you do finally hear that a loved one has made it through an operation you end up giddy with excitement. Our son was suddenly himself, Lego out, singing songs, joking away.

An operation is a big event. We place our trust in people that will have access to parts of our bodies even we will never see. Yes, we do hear more negative than positive stories in the media. So when it goes well, there is always that element of surprise. And I freely admit, I was surprised. I didn’t even know I would be. I suppose that is the nature of a loved one going under the knife.

We visited Fiona at hospital and I am pleased to say she was in extremely good spirits. For a woman who had only recently come to from her operation she looked wonderful-my beautiful wife, Jacob’s incredible Mum. Our 2 hours went quickly. In that time I processed the worry that had built up over the last few months-all gone! I know we now have the long climb of recovery to go, and I will not be complacent over the work that is to be done. Physical wounds mend, but there are no bandages for emotional ones.

For now, Fiona has managed to get over the main hurdle. I can only hope that the recovery is as smooth…


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