This is it!

Here it is, the night before my op! I knew this week would fly. 

I’m feeling ok, a little nervous keep getting butterflies in my tummy. Have had my first sachet of Pre-load that I was given and it was ok, no taste really. It’s pure powdered glucose, it’s supposed to really boost you post op. I’ve had a plain dinner of chicken and brown rice – didn’t want a dodgy tummy the night before. Will have some cereal at about 9.30pm and then the next Pre-load sachet at 10pm. My final Pre-load will be at 6.30am before I head out to the hospital. I’ve been asked to get to the hospital for 7.30am, fingers crossed I’m first on the list, there’s nothing worse than hanging around.

I’ve checked my overnight bag, sorted what I’m wearing in the morning, keeping in mind it’ll be what I wear when I leave and it needs to be comfy! I’ve gone for joggers and hoodie – this is no time for fashion, definitely comfort first.

I feel quite mentally prepared and positive tonight. Although that will probably change once I get into​ bed. I’m trying to think about the positives after this operation. Part of me is also interested to see what my surgeon has to say after about the state of my womb area.

Right then, this time tomorrow I’ll be on the road to recovery. Let’s do this! 


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