Ready or not?!

Well, as this was my last weekend before my op I decided to pack my overnight bag and make sure I’ve got everything I need! Bloody ‘el, I seem to be taking all but the kitchen sink lol! I seem to have everything. The only thing will be some casual joggers to come home from hospital in….But Adidas have possibly got a 25% off day on Tuesday and I’ve seen some awesome joggers on there so……. 😉 Its amazing, nothing I seem to own in my wardrobe is loose fitting, not like back in the 90’s ha ha ha!

I’ve been a little teary and nervous, last night and today. Probably a bit of everything, going back to work tomorrow, knowing it’s ‘the week’ and my last Prostap injection (put me into the menopause) was in January so it will start to wear off around now. Which is strange because I’ve been having a few niggles in my tummy area. These injections only last 3 months, unfortunately my consultant told me they are not a long term solution as they haven’t been medically trialled for long term use. Obviously, if you are in the same situation as me and have had these injections, speak to your consultant about their long term use.

 If I start thinking about my op and what’s going to happen, I get a bit panicky, I must remember to be strong! 

So, here it is 4 days to go! :-\


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