Hysterecto…..Fiiiiiii!!!!! Lol

Am feeling very loved today, had some fabulous messages of support Inc. People I’ve never met, which has been just lovely!

I’ve been really ‘on it’ today, did the online shop for this week, wrote out our family menu for the next 3 weeks and written a shopping list for my husband – each item has either a T or M for where to get it!! I know I’ll probably be fine to do it and my husband is more then capable but in my head it’s sorted, one less thing to think about! 

Also ordered a second nightie! Even better as I got it for next to nothing….Thanks Tesco club card! 

So my husband (the comedian he is) said today ” we should have a party for your womb once it’s out, we could have a womb pinata and when you hit it, little eggs can come out!” Honestly, I couldn’t make this sh!T up. Love the way he makes light of a situation 😉

Had a chat with my boy today, see if he had any worries or concerns and just re-iterated to him to not bottle anything up and reminded him of all the people he can talk to, if he needs to. I was concerned that he may think his Daddy has enough to deal with and keep things in. He was really grown up and did the whole “yes Mommy, i know, i promise I’ll not bottle anything up”. I do worry about how it’ll affect him, especially when I’m in hospital?!

Count down is on………


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