Funny old day! Only 6 days to go…

As it was the last day of the holibobs (and I’m feeling a lil bit better) my son and I went out for lunch! I do love him, he makes me laugh soooo much, today was up there with the best! This one comment has put a smile on my face all day, although when he said this, I was crying with laughter.

Me: Well the name Robin can be a girl or boys name.

Son: Really? I think it suits a boy better!

Me: Well I guess for a girl it’s quite bohemian

Son: Bohemian, isn’t that a gas that makes your voice funny?

Me: No son, that’s helium!!!!!!!! LMAO!!!!

Oh god, it still makes me chuckle. 

I needed this today, it really dawned on me that my op is only a week away. I’m feeling really nervous, like I now know how big this is. To take my mind off stuff, this afternoon I’ve cleaned the house top to bottom, almost in preparation. I’ve also got my overnight bag out and put a few bits in. It’s weird sitting here, thinking this time next week I won’t be at home, I’ll be in a hospital bed with a drip and catheter keeping me company! Oh and a brand new scar!!

I loved every minute with my boy today, I wanted to make sure he had a fun last day. He said on the way home ” I really loved today mommy, thank you!” 

Spending time with close family and friends really helps, it makes you feel very supported and puts you in a good mindset. Strong, positive mind and thoughts go a long way.

One week to go :-\


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