So, today as I’m feeling off it, I decided to read up a bit more on HRT.   

As I’m having everything removed I’ll only need Estrogen HRT. A lot of women on forums and those I’ve spoken to have said they’ve had to swap and change their HRT before finding the one that really suited them. I’m guessing I’ll probably have to go through the same thing! I also came across “endometriosis after a hysterectomy”, which was saying that if the surgeon leaves a tiny bit of endometrial tissue then this can spread and give you pain and with estrogen being the feeder of endo – that really isn’t a good thing. Fingers crossed it’s not too much of a mess in there and it all gets cleared!

I have had thoughts today of ‘is it really that bad to go through this?’ I think you start doubting yourself and questioning things when you’ve no pain there. Silly really, I know deep down this is the best option for me, I can’t carry on the way I was. I had no life at all and the very first thing my consultant said to me was “it’s about your quality of life!” I wish I was back at work, take my mind off things at the mo. – I’ve registered with this online site. It has lots of forums and help/advice. It may come in useful post op!! 

Think I can generally say I’m having a down day today. Probably because I’m feeling poorly, which annoys me. Then I start thinking I’m going to be feeling rubbish for a few weeks soon. It tends to get me down when I’m not active or can’t workout. Wow, I’m going to be a barrel of laughs!!!


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