Another few pounds lighter!

Ha, not quite what you’re thinking! Not lbs of fat but £’s in my pocket lol! 

Just been to the supermarket, child in tow due to Easter holibobs! Which can only mean one thing…..SKINT! It’s the puppy dog eyes, I cant resist. That and the fact he’s been ace so far this holiday and he’ll only be a kid once, so I like to treat him!! 

He did however, make me giggle all the way round the shop. Both of us acting like right plonkers, laughing, being silly and why not, laughter is good for the soul! Suddenly, I get a huge wave of guilt come over me. I’m not gonna be the mom he knows for a while, the mom that’ll go for a run with him, play tennis, go to the BMX track (and do it!). I know it’s not forever, but when there’s only 3 in your family, making sure you’re​ able to do stuff with your son matters! He’s such a good, caring boy. I remembered that I’ll need a nightie, we went to look at them – (must remember to start a new business making young, cool nighties!!!). URGH! They are soooooo unflattering! Now don’t get me wrong, I know that what I’m wearing will be the last thing on my mind, but flippin ‘eck, if you feel good about yourself it tends to perk you up a little!! There was a decent choice of PJ’s but it makes life easier with a catheter to have a nightie. But then, in steps my son “don’t worry mommy, you’ll look awesome in any of these!”. Bless him, if he wasn’t 10 and image conscious, I’d have kissed them gorgeous chunky cheeks and cuddled him till his head popped off! As it was, we fist pumped!! Cuz that’s cool ;-)!

So, l ended up with a semi-cool nightie, big pants and Rogue One DVD, plus other bits and bobs! And a big, fat smile on my face!

As for the other kind of lbs. Still the same weight, which is rather annoying but I’m not too well at the mo, nasty, shitty cold. So I’ve not worked out to my usual standard – did a HIIT on Sunday morning. Although, I’ve got a shocking sore throat so don’t feel like eating anything!! Better to be poorly this week and not next week! 

It feels weird saying “next week”, weird and scary. I know that once I’m back at work next week, the time will fly and it’ll be Friday before i know it. My husband was saying last night, he wishes it was tomorrow, he’d prefer to get the op done and dusted and be on the other side – starting recovery. He did say that he realises it’s easy for him to say that, but l have to agree with him, the waiting for each day to pass is rubbish. I’m afraid both my husband are I are not very patient when it comes to these kind of things!!


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