Well I never!

Strange how things come about! Since opening up on fb about my blog, it seems there are more people I know who’ve been through this!

Honestly, to have messages and contact with people who’ve had a hysterectomy at a younger age , has been ace! It’s made me feel a little more ‘normal’ (well, i wasn’t really ‘normal’ before 😉 and that I’m not the only one who is going through this at this stage of my life. It helps to be given opinions and stories of others experiences. So far, everyone has come through it ok…….(then in my head I start thinking “it’d be bloody sods law something goes wrong with me!). Still, am still feeling positive, as much as i can. 

I’ve ordered mini shampoo, shower gel etc on the online shop this week, ready for my hospital bag. Need to get some dry shampoo too! Have been thinking about what clothes to wear when I’m home, so will be getting couple of pairs of leggings and joggers, something soft that will expand around a swollen tummy! In the middle of all this is my hubby’s birthday and am ordering his gifts now so that my son can wrap them! Have got his cards already! No bloody flies on me! I am hot on it ha ha ha!!!

I was thinking, i suppose I should delve a little deeper into my past issues on here. I didn’t just go to the gynaecologist​ and he just came up with this option!!

I was on the pill for *ahem, 20 years, this was down to suffering with endometriosis and acne. When I was 20 I had my left ovary removed which had a large cyst attached to it, i was also told that my ovary was largely made up of endometriotic tissue – in other words, no point in keeping it! All was fine, i went on to have a gorgeous baby boy and felt really, really lucky (I’d had numerous other gynae issues, but won’t bore you with those details). Then, back in 2014 I had to come off the pill due to migraine with aura, I’d figured enough was enough anyway, so was happy to. I was ok for the first 10-12 months, but then the IBS issues hit. Massive destended tummy, pain so bad i couldn’t sit down, all after foods I’d eaten for years. So, i changed my lifestyle and diet, started keeping a food diary, worked out every other night. This i found helped a lot, although I couldn’t do tummy exercises as it would kick off my IBS symptoms. Then along came the vertigo! Sooooo many episodes, urgh! The doctor said it was just vertigo/inner ear issues but I knew it had something to do with my hormones. Next, there was the bleeding. First, really heavy periods then irregular periods, then excruciating pain when ovulating. My months were ending up unbearable, I was having about a week where i didnt feel like utter crap! The final straw came when I was cooking tea for my boys when the pain started, within minutes I was bent over double, in agony. My husband was about to call an ambulance as i couldn’t move, but i was able to take some tablets the doctor had prescribed, that eased it enough for me to go and lie down. 

The next few months were all about gynae appointments, back and forth. Until finally, i saw the consultant i have now. I said to him, “i’ve got gynae history longer than your arm” and his reply, which I’ll never forget was, ” after seeing me, you won’t see another gynaecologist!”. He has been great, very straight to the point. He said if he had been my consultant before, I’d  never have had 4 laparoscopys, he doesn’t see the point of “nibbling away at a problem”. It was then he said about the injections (putting me into the menopause) and that if they worked he’d look at removing my right ovary.

After 3 months I returned to tell him I’d been given my life back! No pain, no IBS, no vertigo, no headaches! It was bloody amazing, i was on cloud 9!

BOOM! Those words, “as you’ve had such a super result with the injection, better than I expected, I believe the only answer is a full abdominal hysterectomy!” 

Errrrrr, what happened to the “just the right ovary”?!?!? (Cutting a long conversation short) He proceeded to tell me that a FAH* would draw a line under all my issues, I wouldn’t need to go back to see him and that is the overall goal – plus other gynae bits about why he’d not leave my cervix etc! So, hence why there isn’t another option for me, no ‘lets try this’, I’ve pretty much tried everything going. So, i had no other option. But on the plus side, fingers crossed I’ll feel as good as i do now, if not better.

God, i hope so!!!

* full abdominal hysterectomy


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