Feelin’ hot, hot, hotter, hotter than hot!

So a little background​ to this journey. When i first went to my gynae with issues, he decided to give me an injection to put me into the menopause – with a view that if it stopped my symptoms then a hysterectomy would be a certain route to go down.

 All well and good, yes the excruciating pain stopped, the IBS stopped BUT my god, then came the hot flushes and night sweats! They are like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. The hot flushes turn you from normal to red chilli colour in 2 seconds flat, it’s like a boiling hot blanket is lifted up over your head and you can’t get out. You just have to wait and ride it out, slowly but surely you return to normal and carry on with your day! 

Only, that’s not the end! Oh no! You get to the evening, settle down with your other half, all romantic, on the sofa watching a film, when……Whooossshhhh, you jump up, body and face on fire! Your​ husband is thinking ‘Aye, aye’ as you have stripped every piece of clothing off and are stood in your birthday suit wafting your face with your hands to try and get cool (it does nothing, but you do it anyway!).  Ten mins later, your back with the film on and your evening carries on like nothing ever happened!

Surely that’s it?!……….

Think again! You’re lying in bed, drift off to sleep, next thing you know, you wake up feeling like you’re in an oven. Kicking the sheets off in desperation, you feel like you’ve got out of the shower – soaking! The window gets opened, you try not to wake up your other half but to them they’ve just been plunged into a windy freezer! Five minutes later, the night sweat has passed, you’re now bloody freezing, you close the window a little and snuggle back under the covers……And…..Sleep!
This is fine if it’s a weekend, but when you have loads of broken sleep in the week, it soon takes its toll. And it can be more than one night sweat per night. I’ve now got to the point where our bedroom window is now always a few inches open and i always have my feet out of the bed. 
I was given a certain HRT to try but it didn’t suit me, so i came off it. However, once i have my hysterectomy i HAVE got to take HRT. Apart from helping with flushes and sweats, when you go into menopause early (either natural or by surgery) you have to take it to protect you from osteopetrosis, heart disease and early ageing. I will only have to take Estrogen (as I’ll have no cervix) and I’ll be on it until I’m 51, the age they say you go through natural menopause. 

Today has been a funny one. Talking a bit more about it with my husband, whilst i was ironing, i was saying that one of my main worries is about the anaesthetic – the last time i had a general anaesthetic they couldn’t find my vein in my hand and then when a vein was found, the needle didn’t seem to be in place properly and the drug went into my hand and made it really ache! Urgh, i flippin’ hope it’s better this time! But we agreed that I’ll probably start getting more worries the closer it gets. 


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