Cats outta the bag now!

This may sound very strange, but it feels very bizarre that people are reading my posts, even though that was part of the reason for doing this!!

 I guess part of me wanted to just keep it all to myself, perhaps a bit embarrassed?! But, already after opening up a little, people have been in touch with their thoughts and own journey and to be honest, it’s been great to hear. I always think that I’m fine, strong and can do stuff on my own or with my husband and son, but now and then it’s nice to know that people are there for you if you need them. And that doesn’t mean you have to speak/see them everyday, it’s just a text, or smiling emoji or thumbs up. Our friends are the best family we’ve ever had!

So, today I’ve signed up to 2 online courses! I will lose the will to live if i cant put my mind to something post op. So as it won’t be fitness for a while, I’ll build my brain up instead! Ha!

First course, Foundations of Psychology (well, i may as well push myself)! 

Second course, Food, Nutrition and Health (a little more in my comfort zone with this one). I’m also going to look at online sign language. I did Makaton, which is great but am thinking BSL, well the basics at least.

Have found myself constantly doing tummy crunches and pelvic floors whilst I’m stood/sat as I’d heard it helps to have a strong core. Did a plank this morning too, urgh that killed, I swear planking makes time…Go…Really………S..L..O..W! There is NO WAY that was only a minute, it feels like 10!


Thinking “Wonder what state I’ll be in two weeks today?!?”


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