A little wobble?!?

Eeekkkk it’s 2 weeks today 😥


Ok, so I’m not necessarily talking about my weight (a lil wobble ;-)) although, no workout today as am feeling crappy with a head cold. But i have been sat chillin’ at home and little thoughts keep popping in and out of my head. Stupid things really, like “what if i didn’t come back round?” “If i died during the op, would many people come to my funeral?” I mean, for goodness sake woman, get a bloody grip!! Of course plenty of peeps would be at your funeral lmao!!!

Seriously, the things you allow to come into your head!

Anyway, no more wollowing, i know full bloody well I’ll be fine. Positive thoughts ONLY!!!

On the up side, couple of friends and family (even if not by blood 😉 ) have said they’d visit me in hospital, which makes me smile (may need to ask pre-op nurse if I’m allowed to Skinny Tan before going in?!?!).

I guess some days this will seem daunting, bit scary, emotional. I MUST remember that it’s normal to feel this.


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