Start of my journey…

This is the excerpt for your very first post.


So, this is my very first post!

Well as of today I have 16 days until I go for a full abdominal hysterectomy…At 36!

I wanted to start this blog mainly for myself, so l could document my ups and downs, my thoughts and feelings, but also because when trying to read up about hysterectomy surgery you only seem to come across women over 50 and a lot of advice relating to that age group, which l am most certainly NOT! I want to write about how, as at fit and healthy 36 year old, this has affected me, how I deal with things and what happens post op – like weight gain and HRT.

When I was first told that I’d need a full abdominal hysterectomy I managed to walk out of hospital, pay for parking and get to my car with my head held high. Once in my car I burst into tears. I think it was shock, it wasn’t what i was expecting to hear. I have one child and didn’t want anymore, that was a definite! I think I was more upset over the size of this kind of operation (especially when the pre-op nurse tells you they need blood from you incase you ‘bleed out’ and need a transfusion!) as opposed to what was being taken away.

As you do, I went home and googled the op……..Never a good thing! I was scared stiff, weight gain, “don’t do it”, incontinence, you name, it all came up. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! So after long, late night discussions with my husband ( who has been totally bloody awesome about all this), we came to the decision to only look at the positives of having this op and not the possible negatives.

At the moment I’m feeling ok, I’m trying to not think about my operation too much – (that’s more about the op, not what is being taken)! I’m on a 27 day shred (started on 1st April) to get as fit and slim as possible before the surgery. My idea is that this will help post op 😉 I love keeping fit, I try and do 2/3 HIIT workouts a week inc. cardio and am currently 9st 4lb. I’d like to get to 9st before my op as one thing that bothers me is the thought of piling on the weight after, due to not being able to do anything!! In my head I don’t feel like I’ll be any less of a woman without my womb and cervix (I’ve got fake boobs -they’re all I need lol!), that side of it doesn’t really bother me – perhaps it’s not properly sunk in yet? I guess, perhaps the closer it gets this may change? But, for the time being I’m concentrating on becoming the fittest I can with 16 days to go!!

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