It’s been a whole year?!?!

Wow, so ive reached my 1 year hyster-versary!! I cannot believe how quickly the time has gone. I have to say that i am so glad to be a year on, if i think too much about the bad bits that happened in the first few days post op I do start to feel anxiety rear its ugly head. So I block those thoughts out and focus on the future.

So, a year on, well im fit and healthy, an extra 9lb heavier but most of all, pain free! With regards to weight gain, I would say that up until Christmas i took things easy, did a few 5k runs, couple of workouts but nothing too strenuous – not because I couldn’t, id just fallen out of routine. I do however think that HRT has a lot to play with excess weight gain around my tummy and thighs and so have concentrated on that area when working out recently. Apparently its a common thing with HRT – weight gain, but if I think back to the pain, near passing out moments and migraines, a few extra pounds is fine with me (although i have shed a few tears when trying to get in trousers that i used to be able to get in!).

It took a few trials of different types of HRT, but finally I have settled with a gel instead of a tablet, im on the lowest dose that ticks the box for protection against osteoporosis. I will have to be on this for the next 15 years!

Ive not had any issues with my scar but where my surgeon had trouble getting my right ovary out I can feel it pull and give me a bit of jip, my consultant thinks its scar tissue – i’ll just deal with it as i am NO WAY having anymore surgery i.e. removal via laparoscopy.

I can’t say that I ‘miss’ my womb or feel any less of a woman from having it removed ( a few ladies had said they had feelings of loss/ not being a woman), again it all comes down to finally being free of pain and not worrying that I would ‘flood’ at the most inappropriate moment.

I do however feel that I have my life back, that i dont have to consider the ‘time of the month’ or the 2 weeks both before and after, which is what my life seemed to consist of pre hysterectomy.

All in all, I feel i have come so far in this past year and look forward to a happy, pain free future. I won’t deny that I’ve had low moments, particularly about my weight but i think thats more to do with my mind set than anything else.



6 months and going strong!

Wow! Cannot believe 6 months has passed, there were times when this seemed like it would never happen. I’m 95% back to normal ( not sure I was 100% to begin with). I’m exercising, running at least 5km a week, and lifting weights. I’ve noticed my fitness has taken a beating but I feel so good to be back on it. Normality has resumed at work, normal working hours and rushing here and there…..but I love it, I love being busy! 

I would say my op seems a distant memory but I still have worries about what could have happened, with the bleeding?! I think it’s just slightly awoken my anxiety, but I don’t let it get in the way of my recovery!

Ah, HRT! Well I had a break off it, the night sweats were a delight! I did take sage tablets and although they didn’t stop the flushes and sweats altogether, they certainly took the edge off! I’ve started Sandrena 0.5mg which is a gel you rub into the skin daily. It’s just enough to tick the osteoporosis box and so far, so good. So I’ll keep everything crossed for this one! I’ve noticed I seem to get bloated a lot more since my op and I still have a very low b/p.

My scar has healed nicely, although it’s still quite pink. I do sometimes have to remind myself it is ONLY 6 months since my op! I’m still 9st 7lb and fit back into my old clothes, am still aiming for 9st though πŸ˜‰

All in all, life is back to normal and now with this new HRT and this side of recovery, I’m so glad I’ve had it done!

I shall report in 6 months time!

X X X Fi

8 weeks!! Hooray

I know I’ve not been on here for a while, but not much has changed since last time, apart from getting stronger and fitter.

I saw my consultant on Wednesday, he was happy with how I’ve done so far. He gave me details on what had shown up on my womb and cervix after my op (this is always done). Tests had shown that not only had I got endometriosis but also adenomyosis**, which in the long run, meant I would have had a hysterectomy no matter what! Tests also revealed that I had an enlarged cervix. On the up side, there was no nasty surprises to be had! Now that I’m 8 weeks post op and hearing I would have had to have a hysterectomy at some point, I’m glad it’s done. Even though it’s been a hard slog and recovery is still on going, I feel the end result will be worth it. 

I spoke with my consultant about HRT and that the Premarin 0.625 really hadn’t suited me and that I’d looked into biodentical HRT. My consultant agreed that I’m someone who obviously isn’t good with synthetic hormones – I’d had issues with the pill and was not able to continue taking it. He talked me through the issue of osteoporosis and that as long as I stay fit and healthy, good diet, plenty of exercise (lifting weights is really good) then I should be fine. I’ve made a doctor’s appointment on Monday with a female doctor who specialises in HRT just to check re: heart disease and other health risks due to my age, just to be on the safe side. If there’s one thing I’ve learnt it’s not to be worried about getting a second opinion!! I shall write a post after this appointment as I feel it’s an important part of post hysterectomy info when your younger than 40.

I’ve asked to return to work from Monday – phased return, so just mornings to begin with. I know people have said they’re worried it’s too soon but I know my body and feel I need to make the jump. I’m very aware  that if I become sore of very tired I must stop or tell my boss. I won’t push things, I’m not daft! My consultant also said I’m fine to start exercising, again it’ll be little steps but he cleared me to go jogging, which is great! From that, I’ll just build things back up.

My tummy isn’t really swollen now, it can get swollen in an evening, but generally it’s looking good and my scar is healing nicely. However, trying to get some loose clothing for work is a nightmare, it appears I’m in between sizes, something like an 11! So may have to resort to leggings instead of smart trousers, with some floaty tops!

Im definitely feeling happy and positive, I’m sure this will continue!

** adenomyosis is where the inner lining of the uterus breaks through the muscle wall of the uterus.

40 days and 40 nights!

Ok so just under the 6 week mark. I’m feeling so much better and stronger. My tummy is still deflating  but I’ve noticed that I’m having to watch what I eat as it appears my IBS kicks in! But that’s fine, I was used to it before and enjoyed my diet. I’ve done a few little arm exercises this morning and some step ups on the first stair. Nothing too strenuous but good for a start. It’s hard when from my hips up I feel great, but from the hips down its still recovering! 

I’m still keeping a slight routine at home. Getting up early (9am) so I’m able to sleep well at night. I can now, with the use of many pillows, turn onto my side to sleep – which feels amazing!

Generally I’ve nothing bad to say now, it’s just giving my body time to heal and reminding myself of this. It’s no good to jump ahead of myself and put myself back a few weeks!

I had another hemoglobin count and they’ve gone up! I’m bordering on anemia now, which is great. I’m taking an iron vitamin every morning which seems to be doing the trick. The breathlessness and erratic heart best have gone but still get a little light headed at times.

All in all, am going the right way!!!


Slow puncture!

Looking down at my tummy, it has actually gone down a little! As the title says, it’s like a slow puncture. In fact, I would probably describe the whole recovery​ period as a slow puncture. This I’m finding very hard, once you start feeling like you’re getting back to your old self you either sneeze and realise “oh yeah, tummy muscles…ouch!” Or have to make a conscious effort to NOT over do it, the latter being the hardest. However, your body will certainly let you know if you’ve pushed a bit too hard. Extra swollen belly, like going from a killer whale to a blue whale! And you will ache and be tired. In your head you’re thinking “I’ve hardly done a thing”.

Walking has been a wonderful relief. I can now manage a whole 25 minutes non stop! And yes, you will feel so tired after, although I am still suffering the effects of anemia, so this may be why I feel so tired. But it’s such a great feeling to go for a little walk in the fresh air. I’ve made sure I get out at least once a day, it helps to break the day up and gives you something to look forward to. I have found that planning my days has helped with boredom and emotions. If you feel like you have things to do you don’t sit around feeling sorry for yourself – when it’s bad weather, this can be a bit tricky.

I finally went out this weekend, not far, but with other humans! Ha ha.  I would recommend that you try and get out and about around now (wk 4/5) as I won’t deny that anxiety did rear its ugly head, but mind over matter, I kept my cool and just took things slowly. You’ll find that you get slightly panicky, thoughts of people bumping into you, you’re too tired, what if you trip, pass out/faint. It’s all natural when you’ve been stuck inside after major surgery. First thing I noticed, I was walking, holding my tummy! I think Im a bit over conscious with the anemia too, I know that I get very light-headed and dizzy, so I did also hold onto my husband for dear life. Even when I go for my little walks I get this panic/anxiety hit me, especially when I go alone, but I tend to reassure myself – I have my phone with me, I spot which houses have cars on their drives/people about. But really, I’m ok and so far never had to stop or call upon anyone, I’ve been fine.

Just got to keep going, getting stronger every day. πŸ™‚

4 weeks post op!!

Wow, 28 days sounds ages since my op! I’m still really bloated but am feeling stronger every day. I’ve been managing to walk about 20-25 mins without stopping but my goodness it makes me feel like I’ve done a marathon! I’m shattered after. It’s helped having good weather as I’ve been able to get myself outside, sitting in can make you feel quite low, although I’ve tried lots of different things to keep me occupied. I’ve painted my nails, tried calligraphy, wrote poems, read, completed on-line courses, anything to keep boredom at bay. I’ve still been teary, but if I’m honest, I sit and have a cry, get it out and them I’m fine to carry on!! My wound is healing nicely and all toilet habits are back to normal. It’s still a long process and recovery, I still have to make sure that although I’m feeling stronger, I mustn’t over do it and put my recovery back!! 

I would say I’ve noticed a change this week, definitely week 4 has been the easiest week so far with things settling down, wish my tummy would go down though, it can feel really uncomfortable!

Little steps still πŸ™‚

3 weeks post op!

Well around that!! So, things have been going ok. Still have a swollen tummy and it’s still uncomfortable to sit down, everything seems to press on each other internally! I did read that this week you can sometimes feel like you go back a few steps… great! 

I have been quite tearful, which is still very normal. Little things tend to set me off. Have been sleeping better and generally my days have been good.

Went to the Dr on Friday as I’m coming to the end of my iron tablets and I had noticed that I’ve been a bit light headed, dizzy and more tired in the day than usual, so I wanted to check if I’d need more. Good job I went. Yes I do need more tablets, still anemic and my blood pressure was 95/50, a bit too low – said my Dr!! Do need to go for a blood test for a full blood count to make sure my haemoglobin levels are rising. One thing I would say is, you know your body better than anyone, if something doesn’t feel/seem right then get it checked out! 

Other than this, there’s not much to say, it’s still the long road to recovery but I must try and remember to not look forward too much but remember how far I’ve come already! Inner strength is a huge part of this recovery​, making sure you stay positive because I can see how easy it could be to become overly emotional and sad, when you’re stuck in, by yourself it’s a lonely place, you start to worry about a feeling or slight pain… is it normal, is something wrong?!? I think it’s all very normal to feel this way, but make sure you have people around you. Just to listen and be there.